Linda M. Bronski

esoteric artist

In hindsight, I have come to understand that my paintings are pages from my journal. Life unfolds and I observe. Being moved emotionally by a personal experience or by an event witnessed, I pick up a brush and sit in front of the canvas and wait. Oscillating between thought and 'no-thought', I delve deep inside for the creative life-line that becomes my rock, my solid foundation on which to stand when the reality of my Earthy experience sifts away like sand beneath my feet... and allow myself to be lead. Gently, or not so gently. Eventually the inspired images begin to form, and much like an Alchemist, I begin the process of converting the mental and emotional chaos of life from an internal invisible force to an external still image. There's some truth to my joking attempts to call it free therapy. Sometimes the images form while outside the studio and it's a matter of taking the time to get the work done. Other times I enjoy letting the images form in the moment while painting and allow myself to be in service to the Spirit of Imagination.

Linda M. Bronski, Esoteric Artist